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The UPS does not last forever.

If the UPS is old, and the battery is not within specification, the UPS can actually damage the equipment it is supposed to be protecting. The manufacturers of UPS back-up systems suggest that the batteries should be replaced every 3 years. Be aware and replace the batteries in your UPS if it is older than three years.

If needed, iCRco can help by shipping a replacement UPS to your clinic.

A UPS is an Uninterruptible Power Supply. It ensures that medical imaging equipment receives clean power. In the event of a blackout or brownout, the UPS is taxed with supplying power to the PC and medical equipment ensuring protection against data loss and serious business disruption.

A UPS is made up of an internal battery that works as an emergency power system or standby generator that provide instantaneous protection from power interruptions. The on-battery run-time of most UPS’s is relatively short (only a few minutes) but sufficient to start a standby power source or properly shut down the protected equipment.

Not all UPS systems are the same, at iCRco we use Pure Sine Wave UPS systems that ensure the power from the UPS is the same as AC power from the wall. Lower end UPS systems provide partial Sine Wave power. Partial Sine Wave UPS systems cut the tops off the Sine Wave; these systems are significantly less expensive, but they do not supply power as if it came from a clean AC power source.

The main role of any UPS is to provide short-term power when the input power source fails. However, most UPS units are also capable in varying degrees of correcting common utility power problems such as voltage spikes and sag, harmonic distortion, and momentary reduction in input voltage.

In extreme cases, where power is a known issue, it pays to add an Isolation Transformer to the system to really isolate the medical equipment from potentially damaging electrical noise, or power spikes.

You cannot over capacitate your UPS by overfilling it with too much equipment. A UPS should be matched, or over-matched for the equipment that is being protected. iCRco UPS will cover the iCRco computer and the iCRco DR or CR digital X-ray sensor. Additional electronic devices may require additional UPS devices to fully protect the system.

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