ICRco DR Assistance Package

Join iCRco’s environmental impact rebuild program, which allows the same workflow with a greater lifespan. Our Factory enhancement program extends the life of your iCR3600 by completely rebuilding the internal properties — ensuring your x-ray runs like it is brand new for years to come.

Our program includes the following features:

  • iCRco will provide a loaner unit while rebuilding your new iCR3600SF to ensure that your practice will never be left without the tools you need.
  • The refurbishment will extend your unit’s lifetime up to 5+ years. This also includes a free hardware warranty (2 years) with each rebuild.
  • Our brand new XCi workstation, pre-configured with advanced XC software, Windows 10 Pro, and two years of product registration.
  • Rebuilding will save up to 40% over the next 5 years compared to purchasing a new CR unit. It will save up to 50% of the cost of upgrading to a DR system.

Call us today at 310-921-9559 to make sure you are getting the most out of your iCR3600.

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